About women’s day

As I’ve been scrolling down on my facebook wall today, I kept seeing posts about “we can do it”, “thanks for the women in the world”, “enjoy women’s day”, “equality march”,”you are the best”

I know this might sound dull, but I don’t get the point of women’s day initiative.

Do we need a special day to recognize talent in our society (whether it’s men or women)? to be thankful for the people who inspire us? to be self-confident? to take time for ourselves? to be thankful for our mothers/sisters/daughters/spouses?

Talents should be recognized and nurtured EVERY SINGLE DAY!

O.k., lots of people might argue that we need to highlight inequalities between men&women (especially in terms of salary, in the household chores)

Of course! Of course women need to have easier access to top-management jobs, to be pushed to study scientific fields, to create their own business, to get involved in politics. But isn’t it the job of our institutions (globally & in our countries)?

I think the root of gender inequalities is inequality in general.

A society that promotes equality of chances for ALL its citizens (through free education, health- & childcare) wouldn’t need such a day.  If all couples could afford to go part-time in their job (if they wish to), the competition at work (and in life in general) wouldn’t be that fierce and we would be able to raise more relaxed, serene & self-confident children – as we would be able to make genuine life choices (between working/ being a stay-at-home mum/ or anything else). People will be more available to take care of their homes, families, communities and of the environment in general.

We need more cooperation, not more competition between human beings!


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