How to make your travel pictures alive


Last weekend I discovered (not for the first time) a great way to make your travel pictures and share your memories more easily:


The pictures I saw were beautifully arranged, on a glossy paper and with text boxes for descriptions. I said to myself: Why didn’t I do that earlier?

I have thousands & thousands of digital pictures sleeping a hard drive or on the cloud. I only do a “best-of” folder of my trips and share it with a my close family when I come back from a trip. Then all the content I have is virtually dead.

Simply because looking at pictures on a screen is just soooo boring! It is much more fun & easier to have a book format and share with people around. On the other hand, classic photo album are a pain.

I decided to have a go on the site it is very simple, as you have ready layouts. The biggest work is to sort your collection. I look forward to receive my first book and share it around me!


2 thoughts on “How to make your travel pictures alive

  1. Yes, us photographers have been lecturing for years and years: free your photos! Photo books come in many makes and prices, some are much better than others, especially when handled every day. Finally photo books are easily available and creatable for everyone at home, too. Enjoy your book 🙂

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