What I like to do on New Year

Happy New Year!

Lots of nice reading, writing & good time with beloved ones.

This morning as I went out in the street to go run, I realized how serene the streets of London are after the big party yesterday. This day always a bit special as everything feels quiet, not that many go out.

I know lots of people will cure their hangover and watch Netflix series at home. Or have some brunch with families or friends. Or watch the New Year parade in London (as I did 2 years ago).

Of course I relax this day, but I like to do a couple of things that will remind me where I have to focus for the rest of the year.

For me January 1st is the day where I like to “set the mood for the other 364 days to come”. I want this day to reflect my state of mind for the whole, and get this “fresh start” feeling for the new year:

To set the mood for this new year, I like to:

– go for a run outside, and see that I need to stay fit this year.

– declutter a bit & tidy up the flat, just to feel better at home.

– write (on this blog or in a journal).

– re-read some books that have inspired me.

– eat clean.

– light up candles and relax.

Have a nice day 🙂



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