Getaway in Portugal


To finish the year with some travel pictures – I wanted to share my experience in Portugal where I have been in November this year:

Map PT

As a one-week getaway, we decided to go to Porto first, then to take the train to spend a couple of days in Lisbon.

Trains in Portugal are quite cheap, clean and the connection Porto-Lisbon last 3 hours (for a single trip in 1st class, approx. €35)

Going to Portugal in November is great as you can avoid the crowd and the weather is overall great (altough you might have a couple of showers). We could enjoy the beach in Porto (Praia de Matosinhos), meeting surfers, people walking their dogs (I was amazed to see that many dog owners in Portugal)

Porto is a city that has a nice atmosphere, with lots of street art and nice eateries.

When it comes to eating in Portugal – it is H E A V E N to me: cheap, simple & super fresh. Even at the train station where you could expect expensive and not that great food, you can find delicious & generously filled breads.

Arriving in Lisbon, you can definitely feel that you are in a capital city – but still with some dolce vita:

The small street where we got lost reminded a bit of Southern Italy.

Again, lots of nice eating there: We found a lovely place in Bairro Alto “Vintage Gourmet” that offers nice foods and has also a nice selection of gins:

Lisbon is also famous for its great night life – although in November the city is quieter.

We also went to Cascais where we could still sunbath: there is not that much to be seen there, but it is a very pleasant place to be to watch the people go by and enjoy a sunny day:


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