Things I learnt in 2014


This morning I came across the post on the blog Life optimiser, asking the readers what they learnt during the year.

I thought December 30th would be a good day to think about it – especially as I am back to London in an empty flat with plenty of time for myself.

Reading out loud the question “what have I learnt this year?”, many things came to my mind – especially as this year brought me quite a few struggles and worries: health checks, job searching, integration in a new team, people around me changing lives, etc.

If I can summarize this year in a simple, easy-to-digest list – I would keep:

1. Hard work & skills are not the only things you need to succeed, you also need network and influence.

2. Worrying too much about health make things worse.

3. Your brain cannot function normally if you don’t feed yourself properly. fuel for brain


If you are undernourished, you don’t have control of your emotions.

4. Gifts to your friends – even small ones – matter.

5. Reading on a paper book is more enjoyable than a kindle – altough this one is more convenient.

6. Trips can be enjoyed only if you feel already good, if you are worried you will be the worries in your suitcase.

7. Comparing yourself to others is a waste a time – especially at work.

8. Anticipation is the key thing when it comes to travel

9. You cannot change people –  if you can’t accept their flaws, run away!

10. Paris is an enjoyable place to live.

11. Taking care of your physical appearance is enjoyable and brings some satisfaction.

12. Travelling light brings so much freedom.

13. Contrary to what I thought before, documenting your activities is not something superficial, but helps remembering good memories and realise what you have achieved.

14. Everyone has a different idea of what “comfort” means.

15. You don’t necessarily need nice weather to go out and discover a place.

16. Nasty people/experiences will teach something about you – eventually.

17. No pain no gain (in a work context).

18. Eating vegetarian is really easy and doesn’t require much effort.

19. If you want to lose weight, start by cutting sugar.

20. The joy of life is priceless.

happy reading!




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