Happy holidays & plans for 2015

Happy holidays 🙂

Santa has been generous with me this year: mainly nice cosmetics, organic sweet treats & books!


Quite a few things kept me away from writing recently. 2014 brought me a fair amount of concerns: health & work mainly.

I realised I got distracted very easily this year and lost tremendous energy in things that didn’t make me feel good about myself (having regrets, over-thinking…)

My priority for this year is to improve in what I do already, stop looking back and comparing myself to others and appreciate my improvements.

This year my key word is: F O C U S

As the new year is starting soon, there are a couple of things I want to stay focused on:

B L O G: 1 post/a day challenge! at least I want take the challenge for January and see how it goes and how my writing can progress.

Home made miso soup with squid, spinach & soba noodles

H E A L T H: keep the good habits I implemented this year:

  • running x2/week
  • healthy home cooked meals: trying to avoid wheat & dairy
  • fruit&nuts based breakfast
  • limit my medication intake (incl. pain killers)
  • use natural remedies (e.g. essential oils)
  • keep calm

T R A V E L: plan more ahead to avoid expensive air fares! I found a very good tool for that, the one-year calendar that I found on Leslie Jerkins blog. I use it to mark all the bank holidays ahead so I can plan better trips with my partner & friends, and track my time off from work.

I don’t want to have a “bucket list” of destinations so I stay open for different travel possibilities.

Praça do Comércio – Lisbon, Portugal

R E L A T I O N S H I P S: I want to be more mindful of others and show my beloved ones that I am there for them, especially as I live abroad. In particular:

  • let go of the past
  • meet people on a more regular basis
  • be more in the present moment

L E I S U R E: I don’t necessarily want to increase my free time, especially as I have a full-time job that takes a lot of energy and concentration. What I want is to spent more time of my free time in things that make me happy:

  • discover new paths in London
  • read more books
  • reduce time spent on screens
  • go to concerts more often

E N V I R O N M E N T: This year I discovered a few blogs and I got very inspired about reducing my footprint and contributing at a humble level to a cleaner planet:

  • reduce my waste
  • buy fewer plastic items
  • use more natural alternatives for home cleaning & personal care.

I will probably update this as the year progress. In the mean time, enjoy your holidays!




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