Essaouira: Sea fish & sun


During our week in Morocco we took one day trip to Essaouira. If you stay in Marrakech for a few days, it is a good destination to spend 1 or 2 days (depending on the weather). If you go during the summer, you will enjoy the beach which is apparently quite popular…the day we visited was definitely too cold to dip even a foot in the water, nevertheless we really enjoyed this place.

We needed approximately 2.5/3 hours to get to Essaouira. Again, we decided to share a cab with other travelers for this trip. On our way, we could see the argan trees – and some goats on it! What we heard the day before about the famous ” goats in the argan tree” is that they are very likely to have been lifted on those trees, but those goats are very good climbers (check this out)…so I did not know what to think as we saw those goats. The only thing is, you will be asked to pay some “fee” if you stop on the road to take a picture.Commercial trick or nature “wonder”?

Apart from this surprise, I really enjoyed the ride…we drove across several small towns, saw many kids running to schools, men selling some vegetables, noisy motorbikes…another outlook of the typical everyday Moroccan life.

We were welcomed in Essaouira by some rain showers, we could see the heavy waves crashing on the shore. We had a walk in the harbour to admire the boats, see the fishermen doing business…

The good thing is – the rain did not last long and after the rain we had a really clear blue sky…Just after we stopped for a mint tea in small cafe in the medina, the sun was waiting for us outside. We really liked to discover the medina, it is less “chaotic” than Marrakech, people seem a bit more relaxed. Essaouira is also (for the moment) not too touristic – which is enjoyable as fewer people will approach you to sell stuff and prices are lower than in Marrakech. It is really a place where you feel like taking your time…

In Essaouira – do not miss the opportunity to try a fish tajine…fresh fish guaranteed! We decided to try the restaurant in the harbor Chez Sam: the fish tajine was good, but I did not find the service that friendly nor efficient (although this restaurant seems to be quite a popular address). As we arrived in the restaurant we were totally soaked by the rain, there was no seats available and had to wait to get a table, had to wait for the drinks, then for the dishes…I have to admit I get really impatient if I am getting too hungry and/or cold.

After lunch we went back to the medina to relax in the last rays of sun…cats are very good at doing nothing, they know how to enjoy life 🙂

After a good afternoon of walking in the medina, we left behind us the beach at low tide: maybe next time we are in Morocco we will be able to enjoy the beach…



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