Awesome Blog Content Award


Recently I had the pleasure to be awarded with the Awesome Blog Content award – thanks to the author of AZPictured: It is really nice to receive the support and appreciation from other bloggers, so thank you again for this! I really enjoy following your blog and watching your pictures, you’re a true artist!

I am glad to accept this award – so now is my turn to talk about other blogs I enjoy reading!

To accept the award, the awardee has to do the following:

  1. Display the award on their blog.
  2. Announce the win with a post and thank the blogger who awarded them.
  3. Present 8 deserving bloggers with the award.
  4. Leave a link to these blogs and let them know in a post that they are an awardee.
  5. Write a word or phrase about themselves for each letter of the alphabet.

I have to say, I follow quite a lot of blogs…so sticking to 8 was not easy….I hope “my” awardees will be happy to see this 🙂

  • My French Heaven: this is the blog of my compatriot Stephane , who is brave enough to blog in both French & English: I really like the mouth-watering recipes he posts…and the pictures are so inspiring for me…
  • A bit of Culture: Richard’s blog, about his travels…I really like the way he writes about his trips, all the funny anecdotes,I always learn something new when I read his blog, and the pictures make me feel like my packing my suitcase right away!
  • My Hong Kong Husband: this blog is about the everyday life of Lina who is happily married to a Hongkonger. I can personally relate to it, as I am also living with an Asian man. I really like the way she tells stories about her life in San Francisco, and there are always things I recognize a bit of myself into!
  • Without an H: Such an inspiring blog…this is actually the blog I go to when I am dreaming about future trips to Vietnam. . Jon has such an inspiring path as he left his office job in London to go teach English in Vietnam. The photographs are just amazing.
  • Just a normal girl in London: I love this blog as the author who lives in London makes really good reviews about books she read, movies she watched or afternoon teas she experienced. I really enjoy reading about the experiences of someone who has been living in London for a long time.
  • Words + Images: I love Cynthia’s blog: her pictures are simply pieces of art! I love the way she captures the beauty of nature and especially of things we hardly take the time to appreciate in our lives.
  • Hungry and fit: this is the adventures of a couple who share two interests with me: good food & sports. Following their stories motivate me to keep eating healthy and do good workouts!! I really like the fact that people stay healthy by cooking nice food (and don’t follow stupid diet gurus…)
  • Gotta find a home: Dennis’ blog is a true ode to empathy and altruism…a great compilation of touching personal stories that lots of people should read.

To finish – this is what I could write about myself with the alphabet:

Altruism: something I do my best to develop.

Books: one of the best way to spend time for me!

Cat: I like to think I was a cat in a previous life…

Dearest: my boyfriend – who is also the person I spend most of my time with.

Education: One of the most important things to me. Although I graduated, I would love to go back to the university.

Food: Not only eating, but all the process of choosing, picking, cooking, smelling, mouth-watering…

Gratitude: for the good life I had so far, the people I met, the rain stopping, the stranger holding the door for me at the station…

Hold on a second!: Something I tell myself regularly to get perspective about a situation I find irritating and/or painful.

Ipod: one of the thing I always care with me.

Joy – of life!

Korea: a country I would like to discover

London: where I live for the moment, but could go to lots of different places.

Memories: what I collect….especially the good ones.

Night: I don’t see myself as a night owl – although I enjoy (re)discovering the sights of a city at night.

Opportunites: I try to seize them and create them.

Passport: one of the my possessions I value the most!

Quiet: I like being in a quiet environment to think, write, sketch…preferably next to some water.

Regrets: one thing I avoid in my life.

Simple: I have quite a simple life ~ and try to stick to what is essential to me.

Travel: What I would like to spend more time to do

Useful: that’s what I pack ~ I never bother with the rest.

Va piano: My philosophy in life — go slowly, but then I go a long way.

White: A colour I like for home decoration. Plain and uncomplicated!

Xie xie (谢谢): I love learning new languages, even just a few words when I go abroad, it’s part of the adventure!

Yihaa!! I get excited quite easily 😀

Zzzzzz: I don’t like sleeping late, unless I am ill or partied hard. But I do like to take naps when I can.


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