Before New Year’s Eve celebrations start…

Hi, I hope you had a nice Christmas with your beloved ones.

after the euphoria, excitement, gifts and nice meals comes the time for introspection and reflection on the year.

And also hopes.

This time of the year always feels a bit special: we are waiting to celebrate the year-end and seeing already the excitement of the holidays behind us. It used to give me a feeling of boredom and emptiness, until I realised that it was the best time to reflect on the year.

In 2013 I moved to a new flat, worked hard in a company for one year (and resigned from the same position), visited some friends, travelled a bit, read books, wrote on this blog, enjoyed life’s simple pleasures in London…I had very nice moments, very annoying ones too…I lived my life in the most peaceful way I could despite the ups and downs (although I am not very good at letting go) & in the same time wished I had done more of what I truly like.

I realised this year that time is precious ~~ I don’t want to waste it with a job I don’tย  like/ stupid (dis)information/ clutter/ useless shopping /eating junk food. My wish for 2014 is to follow my heart and spend more time with people I used to see only once or twice a year.

What was the highlight of your year? What do you wish for the next?

I am not going to decide to lose 5 kilos (how boring!) or double my income…but simply take my time to live, know better what I want and….


let go

Have a great time before New Year’s Eve & wonderful celebration!


2 thoughts on “Before New Year’s Eve celebrations start…

  1. Dear Laurianne, I just wanted to let you know that you are one of my Awardees for the Awesome Blog Content Award. Find all the details in my blog with the same name. I hope you are well and accept ๐Ÿ™‚

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