Afternoon tea in London


I like doing things in a timing which might sound “inappropriate” ;-).

So, despite the sunny and warm weather and everyone enjoying it outdoors, I had the occasion to try a traditional afternoon tea as I manage to get one of those “super deal” vouchers.

I wanted to try this tradition since I’m 13 and had my very first time in the UK. I love the idea of having “light meal/big snack” in the middle of the afternoon, to take time to appreciate a nice cup of tea and have some sweet and savory treats. And it sounds also familiar to me as a French, since as a kid I had a gouter (4 o’clock snack: which was generally a fruit juice or a hot drink with a bread stuffed with chocolate) everyday after coming back from school.

As I did not want to forget about it, I had reminded myself to “make the opportunity” to do this in one of my previous article: I don’t have huge bucket list, but this afternoon tea was definitely one of my must-try in London.

And for a first time, we were not disappointed. We chose an intimate, cosy, 18th century-style hotel close to Marble Arch – but in a very quiet street.

As we arrived quite early (3pm whereas most people like to have tea around 4-5pm) we were lucky enough to get a table next to the window, so we could cool down while admiring all the numerous paintings on the wall, and enjoy the authentic English atmosphere.

We enjoyed this tea in the traditional English rules (1st sandwiches, then scones and finally pastries – with tea of course). We could not get rid of the cakes on the middle plates as we were already full. Everything was so nicely prepared, we enjoyed every single bite!

This is such a lovely tradition, I can definitely recommend it! And there are so many hotels in London that offer afternoon teas, you can find cheap vouchers.

Just make sure you arrive hungry enough to appreciate all the treats 🙂


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