I could be anyone


Yesterday as I was standing at the bus stop, I caught myself listening to the conversation of an American girl, who looked roughly my age: Although we looked quite different and had probably very different lives, I surprised myself trying to imagine what it could be like to be her. This girl was just chattering happily with other friend, probably excited about visiting London.

Pretty soon I realized…this could be me. I could be this person.  And feel exactly the same thoughts, feelings, emotions despite the fact to be in a different body and have different circumstances.

I could be this girl.

As girls, we probably have some desires in common: who wants to hang out with friends, try to look good, wants to be loved by a partner…

Although we live in a world where everything is done to differentiate and separate people (just to look at fashion ads “Think different”, “Be unique”) I think it feels really good to remember also what connects to each other, as human being.

Okay, someone who reads me might think “alright, but this is much easier to feel some empathy with someone who has the same gender, the same age, lives also in a Western country, speak a language that you understand, etc.

Still, if you think about it, from the most humble person to the top millionaire, we all share some core desires: having a shelter, satisfying our hunger and thirst, building relationships, feeling loved…and ultimately being happy.

My point is not to make you feel like a “goody-goody”, but I think remembering that can help us to feel more empathy for people around us – and eventually hep us being a nicer, more understandable person. Especially when we have in front of us something being nasty, rude, unpleasant…if we try to remember that we also – as human beings – have this kind of awkward moments, it will help you get over it.

On the other hand, feeling in someone else’s shoes gives you also a sense of appreciation of every little act of kindness. And return it back …to spread the kindness 🙂


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