A year on reflexion…

Hi all,

Today I’m celebrating my 1st year spent in London, I tried to collect a “very best of” of the pictures I took through out this year. This makes me realize I do regularly the same things, so I was feeling like broadening my experience of this amazing city.

So, after such a loooong time (which feels to me like so little) I finally acquired the “1000 things to do in London” Timeout guide:

There are some things I was proud to discover I had already did: for instance I discovered the French creperie Chez Lindsay in Richmond totally at random, and was nicely surprised to see it’s one of the recommendations. Also, I live nearby Holland Park, so enjoying the Kyoto Garden is one of my favorite outdoor activity.

And of course, there are a LOT of things I have now on my to-list. Here are a few that deserved my special attention:

  1. Spend a whole night at the museum (like at the National museum)
  2. Watch the triathlon
  3. Go to Kew Gardens (for the pagodas and the flowers!)
  4. Watch the Ceremony of Keys (one of my best friend recommended it to me some months ago, and still need to make the online booking)
  5. Learn how to play to golf (ok, this was not exactly in the guide, but I always thought it could be fun, especially as there are some lessons in Holland Park)
  6. Enjoy an afternoon tea in a hotel (work in progress)
  7. Attend a public lecture at the National Gallery
  8. Go to the London International Mime Festival
  9. Buys fruits n vegetables at the Queen’s Market
  10. Tour the capital’s breweries
  11. Visit the Charles Dickens and Freud museum
  12. Try a New York cheesecake at the Hummingbird bakery
  13. Go to Hampstead Heath Ponds for a swim
  14. Learn how to mix Martinis at Christopher’s
  15.  Go to a musical (not the guide, but still I thought I should try it)

If you have any suggestions of “things to to do”, I would be delighted it to read them in the comment section!


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