My personal health commandments…

Hi all,

I’m glad to see these days spring is finally here in London…and with spring comes the time to see  our extra pounds. Every fre*king year it is the same: it’s warm again, we feel like wearing skirts, shorts and small tops…and we hate seeing ourselves with the extra pounds we gained during the winter. Personally I can’t recall not feeling a few pounds on my hips… especially these past few years ( I blame the “aging process” + the end of my studies to a more “settled” life :-D)

It’s quite unbelievable to see that everyone feel the same pressure to “improve” the way his body looks. I personally do not know a single person who is 100% satisfied with their weight.

On the other hand, I hate being of those typical girls who complain about a few pounds (especially as those who complain have 20 pounds less than me – why are people unable to see themselves as they TRULY are?) or being one of those people who rush to the gym  before the summer to look “acceptable” on the beach (I am not even planning vacation on a seaside haha :-D)

Sounds depressing…hmm?!

And please don’t tell me that dieting is the solution to dissatisfaction. I hate dieting: I really do not like the idea of counting calories, or suppressing a whole food group…I think this tends to drive a lot of people CRAZY: how can you possibly diet (I mean – on a long term basis, as a diet implies you stick to some habits for years) in countries where you are “suggested” to eat every 5 minutes (look around you, food is everywhere – especially junk food here in the UK : in the streets, in the train, tube station…even in hospitals lol).

With such a contraction, lot of people tend to develop eating disorder (there is no official statistics about this kind of mental diseases, but it would be interesting to see the evolution since ten or twenty years). But there is a good news to stay healthy while eating good food:

my reaction when I hear the word "diet"
my reaction when I hear the word “diet”

In Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project” I discovered the value of writing your set of personal commandments, which help you keep going the right direction.

So here are my commandments that help me the best when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight – and still enjoy your meals:

  1. Eat as many vegetables/fruits as possible everyday.
  2. Ideally – try to eat only when you are hungry and stop before you feel TOO full.
  3. Always privilege water and/or green tea as beverages; consider fruit juices, smoothies and caffe latte as occasional treats.
  4. Eat vegetarian/vegan as often as possible ( I discovered eating meat for dinner gives me nightmares :-/)
  5. Try new vegetables and whole foods regularly to diversify your diet.
  6. If you don’t have time to head to the gym, increase your walk during the day (go out during lunch break, exit the tube 2 stops earlier, try not taking the public transports during weekends)
  7. Try to limit refined sugar, especially: sweet yogurt (yeah I am a huge fan of yogurt) , chocolates, cookies, etc.
  8. If you are REALLY craving for some sweet treats, try to bake your ones so you know the ingredients.
  9. Try to relax before every meal you take, do not eat when you are sad/angry/anxious/frustrated.
  10. If you don’t enjoy your food, don’t eat it (forget about good manners), it’s no big deal to leave some food aside.
  11. When you don’t feel like going to the gym, do some yoga at home to keep the habit of exercising.
  12. A meal should be good to see, play with the colors of the different foods. If it’s monochromatic (beige/brown), it probably doesn’t look like a healthy meal!
  13. Natural “heavy” food (such as avocados, nuts, bananas…) are always more nutritious than a so-called “healthy” industrial product.

My approach is try to stay as healthy as possible, and maintain a weight where I feel comfortable to do sports and comfortable in my clothes too.

Hope this helps!



4 thoughts on “My personal health commandments…

  1. Very good post! These are all such good tips! Par contre je suis incapable de passer un seul repas sans protéines animales. Alors le soir ce sera oeufs ou poisson, car, comme toi, je trouve que la viande le soir m’empêche de dormir correctement 🙂

  2. Merci! J’ai le meme “souci”, mon pecher mignon etant le fromage! Apres il ya plein de super recette d’ete toutes legere alliant oeuf + legume (frittata, flan de legumes): en esperant que ca te donne envie de cuisiner 😉

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