A weekend away…in Amsterdam

Hi all,

To continue with the series of “A weekend away” across European cities…let’s go to Amsterdam!

I had the joy to visit this city twice, once during my studies in Ghent, Belgium and once this spring.

There is a looooot to say about Amsterdam and I am not willing to detail all the numerous touristic highlights of the city – a city guide will do it much better than me.

To make a long story short, don’t miss Amsterdam if you like:

  • Bikes: eco-friendly, healthy and brings a certain aesthetic to the streets.
  • Boat rides along the 165 canals – you will be surprised by the number of bridges this city has (1,281 officially)!
  • Tulips: don’t miss the Keukenhof (Amsterdam Flower Garden)
  • Orange (my favorite colour 🙂  you’ll probably have a chance to bring back plenty of souvenirs with the national colour!
  • Kroketten: the Dutch version of the Spanish “croquetas” – see recipe here
  • Cute cafes and small independent eateries – not to mention the coffee shops!
  • Museums: with more than 60 museum, Amsterdam has the highest museum density in the world!
  • And much more!

DSC_0080[1] DSC_0082[1] DSC_0083[1] DSC_0090[1] DSC_0116[1] DSC_0115[1] DSC_0114[1] DSC_0113[1] DSC_0112[1] DSC_0110[1] DSC_0097[1] DSC_0098[1] DSC_0108[1] DSC_0101[1] DSC_0102[1]


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