A weekend away…at home Part2


Today is our 3rd day in Provence…unfortunately the weather is not as great as expected today: 10°C, cloudy, rainy…did we bring the London weather or what?! Anyway, today will be the ideal day to enjoy an exhibition at  la cathedrale d’images des Baux-de Provence. The current show is an exhibition of Monnet, Signac, Renoir and Chagall paintings, and I’m really excited about it.

This place is really unique, as this “cathedral” is actually a quarry, which has been set as a huge hall to welcome the exhibition: when you enter the hall you are immediately entering a magical atmosphere: you enter a dark room where the pictures are projected on the walls and music is playing. Each year the theme of the exhibtion changes: the exhibition of this yeqr is dedicated to Mediterranean landscapes. The place is really impressive and we really enjoyed discovering – or rediscovering paintings of the greatest masters. I can definitely recommend it to anyone who want to take part to an unusual art exhibition!

Outside the painting exhibition, a smaller part of the quarry is dedicated to a short movie of Jean Cocteauas he chose this special place in the 1960s for his short movie “Le Testament d’Orphée”. The movie lasts only 15minutes and there is no English subtitles…but don’t worry if you don’t speak Frenchy, you will grasp the meaning of this kind of “surrealistic” movie.

DSC_0007[1] DSC_0004[1] DSC_0008[1] DSC_0014[1] DSC_0019[1] DSC_0037[1] DSC_0039[1] DSC_0043[1] DSC_0047[1] DSC_0055[1] DSC_0062[1] DSC_0059[1] DSC_0046[1]


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