Super easy almond biscuits

Okay, I admit this post is a kind of “bonus” for the sweet teeth like me. But there is a recipe I want to share, as it is just the easiest biscuits recipe I found recently by trying the experience. I recommend it  if you have to bake big batches (ideal to bring to your work colleagues, although Christmas time is over!).

Moreover I am glad that I created a recipe which is  100% vegan and all the people who tried these biscuits could not recognize the difference of taste with a “standard” cookie 😉

You will need (for 1 batch of 25/30 biscuits – depending on how big you like them)

  • 100gr of almond powder
  • 170gr of almond butter
  • 100gr of sugar
  • some drops of almond extract if you want a stronger taste (I personally do not use it)
  • some icing sugar (optional)

Before starting, heat up the oven at 180°. Start by shaking the jar of almond butter so the texture becomes homogeneous. In a large bowl, mix the almond butter with the sugar until the texture becomes pale and smooth using a manual or electric whisk. Add the almond powder and the extract, and mix well. You should get a dense dough, were you can still feel some crunchy almond pieces.

Now, the funny part of the recipe ( it is time for people around to contribute!):  form regular “almond croissants”, mines are approximately 7cm wide. Lay them down on an oven plate recovered by baking paper. Bake for 20′ (stay in the kitchen to watch them!) until golden and crunchy. Let them cool down before   sprinkling with the icing sugar.

Share and enjoy!


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