Happy new year!

Hello everyone!

After a well-deserved break for the holiday, I am back in 2013: My holidays were mainly dedicated to: enjoying some quality time with my family in France, getting some fresh air and sunshine from our lovely South, recharging my batteries for the new year, cooking batches of nice cookies and browsing the family photo albums for some inspiration. I hope your break was as refreshing and relaxing as mine!

I know we are already almost at the end of January, but as the tradition reminds us: until January 31st you can still send your best wishes for the new year (that’s at least what I’ve always been taught during my childhood).

I wish your fresh new year has started with energy, passion and nice projects in mind (and not silly resolution such as promising yourself for the 10th time to lose 6kg or finally use this gym membership you’re paying fees for πŸ˜‰ From my side, this year will be mainly dedicated to – besides my full-time job of course – developing my writing skills, discovering more of London (and the world in general), mastering yoga and overall being creative while having fun πŸ™‚

I have been happy to come back to London, watching the snow falling at the window and enjoying this calm and peaceful atmosphere which reminds me how much I like the 1st month of the year for its serenity: very few people in the streets, no one is rushing to the mall to grab a last-minute present, it is the nicest period of the year to stay at home and prepare for the 11 upcoming months .

The joy of having a (small) balcony in snowy London!

I have been missing writing in this blog. I hope you will be happy to read my posts despite the long break!




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