A weekend away…in Sweden

Hello everyone,

Recently I had the chance to go for the second time to Stockholm, Sweden. Last time I was there was in January, 2010. It was cold and snowy but still really enjoyable. Last weekend I had the opportunity to re-discover this city again.

As I mentioned it already, I’ve been spending a semester studying in Finland (Turku) in 2010: thus I had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm: nothing is easier to go there from Turku: there is a ferry boat twice a day going to Stockholm. The first time I traveled there on my own, and it was a very first time 🙂 I chose to share to cabin with 2 other persons for the night: I met a Taiwanese and a Swedish girl, and we’ve been chatting during the evening about Finland, Finns, university…such a great experience, that I thought travelling alone can also be really cool! The ferry arrived in the morning at 6 am  so I had a very long day to enjoy the city, before I was travelling again to Belgium this time. I took this opportunity to walk around the city center and take pictures.

This weekend was more about meeting friends 🙂 But I also had the pleasure to discover Skansen – which is an open air handcraft museum, with a zoo and for the year-end period a Christmas market where you can taste some local products (herring, chocolate marzipan, reindeer salami, saffron rolls…):  A great place where a lot of locals go for a walk with their kids or friends to enjoy a cup of Glögg – the local version of mulled wine! In the handcraft village there is also a small cafe where you can enjoy a typical Swedish meal (on the picture: smocked salmon, meatball, potatoes, red cabbage) If you want to be a bit more adventurous, try the saffron bread (Saffronsbrod)

Gamla Stan – the old town is one of the most interesting part of the town: nice buildings everywhere, lovely shops. Do not forget to climb up to the Fjallgatan to enjoy the nicest view on Stockholm harbor.  Unfortunately the weather was not that nice this weekend, so the view from there is only printed in my mind 🙂

One picture I need to explain: the sculpture of the Homeless Fox (Hemlös räv) which is located right in the city center before entering the old town area: first when you see this statue, you might think it is a physical person sleeping in a blanket, but no – it is a fox statue! Just to remind us that poverty is still present in Stockholm, although Sweden is an example in Europe for its welfare and social policy.

Here is a combination of 2010 and 2012 pictures – hope you will like it!


3 thoughts on “A weekend away…in Sweden

  1. I love Stockholm — was just there this past summer! Thanks for sharing your photos to bring back wonderful memories. I loved exploring Gamla Stan. I didn’t see the fox statue though, wish I did — oh well, maybe next visit 🙂

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