Why I love Fall…

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good start in the week and are powered by your weekend. This morning, as I was browsing my messages, Facebook page, I noticed that the current season seem to bring a lot of morosity to a significant number of us: the summer is gone for a long time, it is already cold outside, the days are much shorter and the excitement of Christmas and next time off is still far away…

However, there are many reasons to enjoy this period of the year I think:

  1. You see slowly the nature changing around you: brown, orange, yellow, red, green: so many beautiful colors in the trees surround us! Although the weather is already fresh, you can still enjoy some sun, especially if you wake up in the early morning. I have the chance to enjoy nice sunshine on my way to Richmond every morning, walking across a road full of colorful plane trees!
  2. It is the good time to appreciate all the beautiful fruits and vegs of this season: all different types of squashes, apples, pears, etc. But also artichokes, beets, cabbages, carrots, endives, grapes, kohlrabi: there is so much space for creativity! There is nothing better than coming at home and smelling a tasty, hearty soup cooking (or a melting crumble if you like sweet treats as I do!)
  3. As the weather is already a bit cold, it is a good time to enjoy being at home, taking time to read, meditate, exercise at home (yoga, tai chi chuan, pilates, etc). I find it a great time for introspection. It is also a good time to make projects, get already some perspective about the year who is finishing, thinking about achievements to come for the next year…
  4. Fall is a calm season: away from the summer and the Christmas rushes, I think it is also the right time of the year to travel for a cheaper price and more quietly: Last year I spent a couple of days in Vienna in November and there was already some Christmas markets and was not overcrowded of other tourists (like me :-).
  5. You can still enjoy nice outdoor activities in Fall: going to pick up mushrooms, riding a bike in a park, drinking a hot chocolate on your balcony to get some sun: let yourself be surprised!
  6. There are still nice celebrations: of course Halloween with all the parties and candies you can imagine, but also All Saints day: even for a non-Christian, it is crucial to take time to think about you beloved ones who passed away: go to the cemetary, bring flesh flowers, have a thought or a prayer for the people. Let your spiritual you speak for you this day. I also like the spirit of  the American tradition of Thanksgiving: being grateful for what you have, thinking about all the people who produced it, taking time with your family, cooking a nice hearty meal, etc. This should be more than once in a year!
  7. After all, as life itself, seasons passing by just show us that change is normal and necessary: before the excitement and the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, let’s take care of our home, take time to cook nice vegs and be at peace with ourselves.

Have a great week, and do not forget to take some time for youself and people around you!




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