A weekend away… in Slovenia

Hi all! In April 2012 my partner and I decided to go for a weekend trip to Slovenia: This country is closed to Bavaria (where I used to live in Germany some months ago), you need approximately 4hours from Munich to get to Ljubljana, the capital city.

We visited Ljubljana and Bled, a lovely tiny town surrounded by the Alps, with a small lake with an island in the middle (actually it is one of the smallest island in Europe).

These are really nice places to relax for a weekend:

First Ljubljana is one of the smallest and probably most quiet European capital with only 300,000 inhabitants. You do not have massive tourist attraction like in Paris or Rome, so just take your time to enjoy the lovely city center walking down the river, to the castle where you can enjoy a really nice panorama. Have a look at the lovely local Central market (Vodnikov trg) on Saturdays where you can find nice cheese, breads, fruits and one of the local specialty (sorry – I forgot the Slovenian name) which looks like a rye flat bread topped with cottage cheese: really delicious!

Bled is also a must-have-seen if you travel to Slovenia: this little town, built around a lake, is a wonderful and peaceful to stay if you want to enjoy the nature. You will have a wonderful vista on the Alps,  can enjoy a nice walk around the lake, but also go boating across the lake. And do not miss the local pastry: the Bled cream cake! It looks like a French millefeuille (small layered cake made of puff pastry filled with custard and cream) with thicker cream and sugar on top. Just share one for two, the portions served are just huge!

Here are some pictures of our trip:



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