Mango Smoothie

Hello dear visitors,

I hope you had a great weekend: here in London was such a HOT weekend – I thought I was going to melt! Although I used to live in quite a sunny/hot region – I come from the South of France, a small town next to Marseille – I can barely stand such hot temperatures now…

Anyway, with my partner we’ve been pretty busy trying to make our home sweet home a little bit more cosy finding new nice things ~~ especially for the kitchen 😛
As we were passing by some shops in Chiswick, we found some people selling fruits and vegs, it is so nice to see how fresher and cheaper they are comparing to what you can find sometimes in the supermarket!

So our idea was to try MANGOES – as they seemed much much better than I saw so far in shops.
Here is a way to enjoy them when it is hot outside, with this Mango Smoothie Recipe


1 nice mango
Juice of 1 lime
2 tbsp. of sugar (better: try some agave syrup as a healthier substitute for sugar)
Ice cubes/ crushed-ice
Some mint leaves, for garnish

Cut the mango to take the flesh out: Here is a method to do it easily
Combine the mango flesh with all the other ingredients in a mixer/blender and puree until smooth. Pour into glasses and garnish with mint leaves. Serve immediately!

Tip: if you like a sweeter treat, you can replace the ice cubes with one or two scoops of coconut sorbet, it matches mango very well and is very refreshing too!



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