An inspiring book by Richard Carlson

Hello my first visitors,

To start this blog with the first article, I would like to share with you a great book I have been reading couple of months ago, before I moved to London. This period was a bit stressful to me, as I was not sure about moving to England, so I was keen on getting some comfort through interesting reading.
I choose to start my blog with this book, because I think it really helped to me to change my approach of life:

Don’t Sweat Small Stuff — and it’s all small stuff by Richard Carlson

I discovered this book through a friend of mine who ordered on Amazon: First, the title says everything you need to know, I was amazed how simple it was, it caught my attention immediately: After all, who wouldn’t like to be able to take life easy? The starting of the author is: most of the time, we create our own misery and unhappiness: the secret is to stop considering life as a big emergency and learn to let go.

Then, the book is easy to read: the author gives you examples of small things which can definitely improve your life and the quality of your relationships. I read it in one go, and I am convinced I can help a lot of people taking things more easily.

Happy reading!


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